From the attic to the basement.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Thank you to the band Roadkeeper for being a part of The Basement Muse.

They've been chosen as the artist of the month!

From left to right:

Trevor Tull - Guitar

John Eric Hetherington - Vocals/Production

Daniel Griffith - Bass

Nicklaus Cogdill - Drums

The four members have been long time friends and after years of playing with other acts, they're back in there hometown together as Roadkeeper.

Roadkeeper is a new band formed in late 2018 from Tyler, Texas who describe themselves as "an independent, self-produced project that blends the dreamy aesthetic of shoegaze with anthemic psychedelic rock"

Working from their singers attic, "Yacht Country," they have been able to keep everything in house. All the producing, recording, and mixing was done right in there, by them. They also own Equal Temperament and their studio Yacht Country.

Recently, they came out with an amazing new track. Their third single in the past 6 months following The Creeps and Gushers; "Old Man's War is a depressingly dreamy song about anxiety and having no control over the world."

I really hope everyone enjoys this track as much as we did here.

Much love and support Roadkeeper! Keep it up!

Some other cool tidbits they gave me:

John Eric Hetherington and Nicklaus Cogdill originally were in a post-punk group called "Knifight."

Nicklaus Cogdill has a background in "hip hop drumming."

Their debut single, "The Creeps," was released on October 26th, 2018 by Equal Temperament. A "Cathartic shoe gaze anthem that deals with abuse and emotional manipulation."

"Gushers," was released shortly after. "Deals with recent

years’ murders of unarmed black people by police officers and the way law enforcement

and apologists reframe the job of police officer as a war or conflict between the just and

unjust. Also how privileged people are starting to reframe their own lives and minor

struggles as heroe’s journeys. Gushers was produced, recorded and mixed by John.

Mastered by Greg Calbi."

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